Laminate Flooring Installation

Choose Knights Flooring for your next laminate flooring installation. This form of flooring makes a great choice for many homes. It is an extremely durable form of flooring that offers strength and scratch resistance in the face of all kinds of footfall, be it from high heels, children, or your pets. Laminate flooring also offers a quick installation period. Further to this, we will also remove all your old flooring and dispose of it for you.

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A Wide Variety Of Styles

One of the great things about laminate flooring is the enormous range of visual effects that are available. This allows you to create a high end and beautiful looking floor that replicates premium woods, marble, tile, or a variety of other materials at a more affordable price. We always use trusted laminate flooring products from reputable brands that are sourced from local suppliers.

Great Quality At A Great Price

Laminate flooring is one of many engineered wood products that utilises all the offcuts and waste produced in timber mills. Wood fibres are combined with additives, resins, and waxes to create a dense mixture and therefore, a strong and durable product. The planks are made using high pressure to create the main structure before a decorative paper layer is added to the top.

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