Wet Rooms

We have a great wealth of experience in providing wet rooms to many customers. This means that we can ensure long-term integrity for your wet room. Wet rooms provide a premium bathing experience, this is of great appeal for those who enjoy the bathing experience as well as the convenience of a room that allows you maximum freedom and convenience of use. A further benefit of these rooms is what they can offer in terms of accessibility. They provide an easy space for disabled access, children and even pets.

Quality Installation

When we prepare our customers bathrooms, we ensure optimum preparation of both walls and floors. This is a critical element during the construction phase that delivers quality and strength long term. From here on, our expertise in the selection of the correct tiles and installation method ensures the finished product is both beautiful and robust.

Luxury Bathing

A wet room provides the ultimate bathing experience. Simply walk into your bathroom and use it at your leisure. You will feel like you are in your own world when using your new wet room, as you will be able to freely roam without having to think about wet feet or shower curtains. Further to this, we can re-route any services you require, so the orientation of your room can be tailored to you.

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